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ON 6TH SEPTEMBER I embarked on a completely new journey in my career when took over as Consultant at the Brighton Slimming World group held 5.30pm, every Thursday at the Brighthelm Church and Community Centre in North Road.

Two years ago my GP warned me that on top of high blood pressure, painful joints and dangerous cholesterol levels, I was at high risk of heart attack, stroke and developing Type2 diabetes.

I had spent a long time ignoring my ever-expanding waistline, but being so overweight had started to affect my life and work.  I needed to be able to stand up in front of a room of people but my size led to low energy, plummeting self-esteem and a lack of confidence.

And yet, I still didn’t tackle my weight until I needed to get some professional photos taken and was horrified at just how big I looked.  It was humiliating but it was the push I needed to do something.Brighton Slimming World

I joined Slimming World and embarked upon a sensible, easy to follow eating plan. Within two months I was already feeling the benefits – my blood pressure and cholesterol had both dropped, I had more energy, my clothes were looser and I looked and felt so much better.

Results from a study by Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare out this week revealed that making simple changes to your diet and excercise and moderating daily intake of alcohol was enough to make a difference and reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Every day there are 350 preventable strokes or heart attacks in the UK caused by high blood pressure.

In developed countries such as the UK, the lifetime risk of developing high blood pressure is now 90 per cent, and six million Britons take drugs to control it.

People with hypertension – the medical term for high blood pressure – are already routinely advised to make the lifestyle changes highlighted in the study but the effect far surpassed expectations.

I wanted to share my weight loss success story with others and help them achieve their goals so I decided to turn my own success of losing seven and a half stones into a new business venture to become a Slimming World consultant.  I’m really passionate about helping others achieve the success I’ve had.

It wasn’t something that happened overnight for me and it took dedication and persistence to achieve, but simple changes to my diet and lifestyle have led me to be fitter, happier and healthier than I have been in years.

Slimming World’s philosophy is based on a deep understanding of how people with health & weight related problems feel. Founded over 40 years ago, Slimming World has built a network of warm and friendly groups offering a support system which has been designed to make slimming easier and more enjoyable; without setting impossible standards and achieved without humiliation but with respect and support for each member.

My Slimming World group is held every Thursday at 5.30pm at The Brighthelm Community Centre in North Road.

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Chris Davey