Slimming Christmas Party Food Ideas

Strawberry Santas

Fab festive finger-food idea  for a Christmas party buffet – quick to make, eye-catching, super sweet and Free! Courtesy  of  Slimming World member Claire from Tyne & Wear.


Serves: 12
Prep time:
Cook time:
Syns per serving:

  • Green: FREE
  • Original: FREE
  • Extra Easy: FREE


½ tub Quark
2-3 tbsp sweetener
12 strawberries
24 chocolate balls (cake decorations)


1. In a bowl, mix together the Quark and sweetener.

2. Cut the bottom off the strawberries (pointed bit) to create Santa’s hat. Spoon or pipe the Quark mixture on top of each strawberry and down the front (to create his head and beard) and place the hat back on.

3. Add two little chocolate balls to make his eyes and serve as soon as possible.


12 Winning Ways with Quark

The Slimming World Way. . . .

Quark is a fat free cream cheese, which is a versatile substitute to add to some classic recipes to make them healthy and delicious!  Available from most supermarkets or health food shops.

1. Mixed with sweetener  – great substitute for cream – add strawberries or fruit of your choice! Delicious and free!

2. Make syn free pancakes by adding 1 whisked egg to a tablespoon of quark and mix together to make a batter. Add sweetener for sweet pancakes or herbs for savoury.

3. Whisk with eggs and stir in cooked pasta, mushrooms and bacon for Carbonnara. (Add some grated parmesan for another 0.5 syns)

4. Mix with crumbled meringue nest with sweetener and strawberries for Eton Mess (3 syns).

5. Add chocolate options (any flavour) with sweetener to a tub of quark for a yummy chocolate mousse (2 syns).

6. Add a Knorr stockpot cube to a level tablespoon of quark and pour over meat for syn free sauce.

7. Mix with Nutella (4.5 syns per level tablespoon) for a great dessert topping.

8. Crumble a Bag of mini Maltesers (4.5 syns) with 3 level tablespoons quark for a light and delicious dessert.

9. Crush a tin of garden peas (or use frozen, cooked) and mix with shredded fresh basil and grated garlic and stir in Quark for an alternative ‘Pesto’.

10. Stir a tablespoon into a curry at the end of cooking to make it creamy!

11. Mix with equal quantities of 0% total Greek yogurt and 0% Fromage Frais and stir into porridge or top your cereal and fresh fruit as an alternative to milk!

12. Stir into Soup at the end of cooking for a creamy finish!