New Year, New You – 5 easy steps

It’s always a daunting prospect to committing to making changes to our lifestyle.  How many times have we made New Year’s resolutions only to break them within 48 hours – sometimes we put far too much pressure on ourselves to achieve the impossible!

By making some simple changes can really help to make a difference to our lives over the long term.  Taking small steps to make those changes is key.  All too often we set ourselves impossible goals which are either too ambitious or too hard to stick to.  We end up feeling guilty and deprived and give up at the first hurdle.

There are many small simple, achievable shifts we can adopt which will make a big difference to how we look and feel over a longer period.  Research suggests it take 16 to 21 repetitions before an action becomes a habit so, stay strong and by the end of January, many of these small changes will have become a fixed part of your health & fitness regime

Resolve to:

1. Eat a low-fat, low energy diet – make healthy choices by swapping high fat foods for lower fat/fat free options

2. Make small steps to increase activity – nothing drastic to start – get off the bus one stop early/leave the car when the journey can be walked/take the dog for a walk (the long way round)!

3. Have mainly healthy foods in the fridge at home – don’t deny yourself some treats, but be in control

4. EaBrighton Slimming World Cooked Breakfastt Breakfast! Whilst having breakfast isn’t essential for weight loss, research shows that eating breakfast is linked to making healthier food choices throughout the day resulting in less snacking between meals.

5. Follow a consistent eating pattern – research shows that people who continue to eat a fairly consistent and healthy diet throughout the week are more likely to keep weight off in the long term than those who follow a strict ‘diet’ on weekdays and let themselves go at weekends.